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Our Products

With more than 12 years’ experience in creating, operating and managing study tours for Chinese students, we’ve experienced great changes in the market. As such, our product portfolio has increased dramatically over the years, and we’re now able to offer a wide range of programs, for which we’ve split into 10 categories.

Summer Schools

A chance for Chinese students to experience extra-curricular subjects within local schools during summer vacation.

Summer Camps

Fun, activity based camps for our students to join-in with local and international peers, growing their skills in communication, team-building, leadership and helping them socialise on an international level.

School Immersion

Providing our students with a real insight into education overseas, studying real subjects in real schools with local students.

ESL Learning

English language training with true native speakers, as well as other popular foreign languages, such as German, French, Japanese, etc.

University Experiences

For those that want to study abroad in the long-term but want to experience it first in the short-term.

Family Programs

Families that are looking to experience a new culture and education together, as one unit.

Community Service

Helping to make the world a better place by working towards something better in areas less privileged than their own, alongside international peers of a similar philanthropic mind-set.

Individual Programs

Our university and adult students that are seeking their own bespoke experience by fully throwing themselves in the deep-end and immersing themselves in local language and culture.

International Exchange/International Assembly

Both opportunities giving students the chance to share experiences on an international level, in culture, education, language and more.


We don’t just pride ourselves on education for the Chinese population, with our strong ethics and values placed highly on education, we strive for global educational programs for everyone. We’re now putting some of our time and resources into creating high quality programs for students outside of China, to visit our wonderful country and experience what our students have been experiencing overseas, a foreign education and cultural experience.


In-line with our beliefs and with the recent globalisation and openness of China as a whole, we’re taking steps towards creating programs and exchanges, here in China, for international students, hoping to reap the rewards of study tours, as our students already do. Our teams are working hard to ensure the best quality programs within China are made to provide an educational insight into our wonderful country, its’ culture, language and history. Check back in on our website frequently for updates on our progress towards making this happen, and similarly, if you’re interested in such programs, please feel free to get in touch and enquire or even give some suggestions.


As part of China’s largest private educational group, we understand that students come in all shapes and sizes, and it is because of this that we don’t limit our age ranges. We work with students as young as 6 years old, all the way to professionals and teachers in their middle age, furthering their higher education. Whilst each end of the scale might seem a little extreme, they are rare, but we make a point to ensure everyone receives the opportunity to study and travel abroad, as they rightly deserve.


Primarily, we offer study tours to students of K-12 and university ages, these are the students that seek to get the most out of their free time and further their current studies in order to excel at home. We also offer programs for teachers, looking to gain an international perspective on teaching in order to improve their methods; also to adults and individuals, who want to further themselves in their lives or careers; and then to families, who’d like to benefit from bonding and learning together.


Over the past 12 years, New Oriental Global Study Tour Promotion & Management Center has taken great strides in offering Chinese students the opportunity to study in an ever expanding number of countries/regions/cities. As of now, our network spans across the globe, covering 4 major continents, North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.


Whilst our programs are operated in countries across the world, we’re always looking for more educationally valuable resources in regions within those countries. As the market matures, and students look for more unique opportunities to study in relatively unexplored areas, or in subjects that aren’t always conventional, we’re constantly pushing ourselves to find more. As it stands, the most popular areas of study are:

1. North America – USA

2. UK – England

3. Europe – France; Germany; Italy

4. Australia & New Zealand

5. Canada


As most of our clients are students already in full-time education, the most popular times for student travel, is during their vacation time. Primarily this will be during their summer vacation, which typically lasts 6-8 weeks, between July and August, and is certainly our busiest time of year. Then of course is winter, unlike many western countries, who’s winter vacation falls in December, Chinese winter vacation is typically between Januarys and February during Chinese New Year festivities.